The 21st Century Volunteer 2

The 21st Century Volunteer

As a Children’s Pastor or worker the duties and responsibilities of each upcoming service can provide its fair share of stress. That is of course depending on all that has to be done still and even just who you are and how you handle various work loads and levels of stress. Now I may not know your current situation at your church but chances are there is at least one person in your congregation who can help you out. You just have to find him! But what if the problem is finding that person, that volunteer?

Over the years society and the church have both undergone serious face lifts. And as local evangelism is pursued, new families are being reached meaning new people to volunteer! And the push to serve is even greater! This can mean more volunteers for many of us! However, one major shift in how volunteers work today is that many of them do not want to feel like they are simply giving up their own valuable time, while serving they want to get something out of it too. That is all part of the cultural shift that has been taking place in America. Volunteers want to feel as if they are part of a team! This means that we have to change our entire environment for volunteers. This doesn’t apply to every volunteer, but I’ve noticed it with younger volunteers who have been unchurched. I put together a short list of easy things we can all do to help make our volunteers not only feel like they are part of a team but know they are part of a team as well:


1. Compliment your volunteers TEAM consistently and constantly!

When your team feels good about themselves and the work they are doing chances are they will work even harder and be more effective and efficient. This can start a ripple effect and take an ordinary team and become an extraordinary team of encouragers!

2. Keep them in the know ahead of time!

If this means planning things a few days earlier than normal it is well worth it!

3. Give them responsibilities!

Nothing says I trust you more than showing it by entrusting important jobs to volunteers!

4. Refer to everybody as a team often.

Thank team members for being part of such an awesome team! Find any excuse to use the word team without driving people nuts from saying the word!

5. Feed them!

Meals shared together make for bonded relationships. Just look at Jesus and the Disciples in John 21, they ate breakfast together!

6. Pray with them!

Large group prayer with your entire team can build unity within your team, especially when it’s centered around Jesus!

7. Send them an email!

These emails don’t have to be the most formal email you’ve ever written. They can be fun and exciting as well, throw in a few jokes or good memories from past experiences with your team.


This list can continue for pages. These are just a few of my favorite ways to make a team and keep a team working together as a team. Jesus set the perfect example for us with how to work with a team. He took unlikely people and pulled them together to make a team of world changers!

Luke 10:1 “After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” (NIV)

A team can be as little as two people but as much as, well an infinite amount of people! But what makes a group of people a team is their characteristics.


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