My Top Uses for Tablets and Smartphones in Children’s Ministry

Technology aside from Children’s Ministry has always been one of my greatest interests. As the years progressed I have found myself being an advocate for proper use of the technology readily available in Children’s Ministries and have been developing a passion to see it be an effective tool for ministry […]

LIGHT Children’s Ministries

I am pleased to announce this year’s Light Children’s Ministry team: Light Investigators. This year I am privileged and honored to lead such a hard working team of Children’s Ministers again for another school year of traveling to churches and schools. Keep reading to find out all about Light Children’s Ministries.

Puppet Making

Puppetry is one of those things that some Children’s Ministers consider obsolete while others go at it full throttle. I’m the full throttle kind-of guy. This past weekend I worked with my girlfriend and we made what is my second and her first puppet. I will update with steps as […]

The Next Best Idea May Be an Old One

The world is in constant motion. Yes, I know the earth is revolving and rotating but I’m talking about social motion, cognitive motion, and educational motion. The techniques used today in many classrooms across America are greatly different than that from 10 years ago. The technology revolution has brought about […]

Microphone Do’s and Don’ts 1

Ministry to children can be one of the most fulfilling and exciting moments of your week! But I find it amazing how quickly that a slip of a tongue or a few seconds of not being conscious about what’s coming out of your mouth can change the attitude of the […]

Characteristics of a Godly team! 1

As I stated before in my previous post, The 21st Century Volunteer, society is changing along with the way people volunteer and the mindset of the volunteers. However, while these factors may have changed over the years several things did not and will not ever change when it comes to teamwork among […]

The 21st Century Volunteer 2

As a Children’s Pastor or worker the duties and responsibilities of each upcoming service can provide its fair share of stress. That is of course depending on all that has to be done still and even just who you are and how you handle various work loads and levels of […]

New Website

After many days of gruesome work is finally finished, up and running. Features will continued to be added to my page with resources for children’s ministers in addition to posts about discipling children, devotional readings for leaders and hopefully a whole lot more! I pray that this website will provide […]

Get that plank out of here!

I remember the fun times I have had on the playground with my friends growing up. We would play dodgeball at recess, we would play in the sandbox in the afternoon at my house, we would swing on the swings, well actually we would probably do anything but swing how […]

Who I Am

When I was growing up, I was almost always the shortest and the smallest in my class, I was typically slower than all the kids because they were taller than me, I didn’t get picked first, or second, or anywhere near the top percentile for a good variety of activities […]