Nicaragua Update 3-6

So today was a very interesting day. We began the day by eating breakfast at the hotel which was delicious! Pancakes with fresh fruit and eggs. Afterwards we traveled to an orphanage here.
I knew I loved hanging out and ministering to kids but I did not think I would be one of those people who would not be a able to leave an orphanage without a strong desire to adopt half of them! These kids were so loving! It broke my heart that I had to leave them. They were so much fun to hang out with the team there. I fed a baby and spent time with the toddlers.

After we had lunch with the kids in the orphanage we left for a high school. These kids were very interested when we had something entertaining going on but when it got serious people began to walk away. But it was awesome because two kids gave their lives to Jesus!

After that we went back to the campground and got ready for our next event at a churches youth group. We did our normal service and Tyler brought the message. God moved in those teenagers lives!

After the youth service we went to a local mall for dinner. It was one of the coolest malls I’ve ever seen. It was half outdoors and half indoors.

I can’t wait to put together all my videos for you to see!
Thank you all again for your prayers! If you could please pray for health for our team that would be more than appreciated. Several members are getting sick and one member became dehydrated today as well. Satan is trying to slow us down but we won’t let him!

God bless! Love you guys!

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