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Wow! All I can say is that God has been moving in incredible ways today! This trip has been nothing but humbling.
This morning we got up for breakfast at 6:15 and departed for our new location for the next few days in a city about two hours from the Capitol. On our way to the school we were going to minister at we received a phone call informing us that the government called for a meeting so our ministry opportunity there was closed. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to minister to the kids at first but I knew that God was moving and had it has everything under control.

We finally arrived at the hotel we will be staying at until Wednesday. It is really nice here. We were told not to expect much but it is very relaxing and the temperature in the mountains makes me want to stay here!

After settling in at the hotel we loaded onto the bus and drove to a Pastor’s Conference that several of us were given the opportunity to speak at. I happened to be one of the three students asked. Before we even had the chance to speak all during the opening of the conference the lead pastor said “Let us pray”  and instantly I was humbled and blown away by the response from those present. In the United States when we are told to pray it typically is done in silence with a few people speaking out loud. Here the room was filled with voices praising God! They were holding nothing back! It got me thinking how often we refrain from praying out loud because of people next to us! This was not the only church this happened at down here as well! I was blown away by their spirits and faith in God!

The conference went well and we played with the pastors and leaders for God to continue to anoint and bless them and their churches. God was moving so much in that room that nobody in the room could ignore His presence!

After the conference we went to a church right up the road. We did our normal adult service order there which consists of two human videos, a dance solo performed by Macy, and then tonight my good friend Tyler was given the opportunity to preach. God used him tonight! Three people gave their lives to Jesus!

After the service we were told that because the school canceled on us today we have the opportunity to minister to a different school tomorrow morning! This will be our third children’s service here and I have been given the opportunity to give the sermon for that as well. We do balloon animals and face paint with the kids before and after our services as well! I love getting to show Christ’s love to these children and families!

Tomorrow we will also be distributing food to people in the mountains. We will be hiking with the food and that is the extent of my knowledge for that.

Afterwards we will be ministering at a church in the evening and this is the only adult service I will be preaching at. The message God gave me is about how when there are things in our lives holding us down a down and we choose to put our faith in God supernatural things begin to happen! I am so excited to share this message with these people! I pray that God shines through me tomorrow like he never has so that I cannot take any credit for myself.

Thank you all for your prayers!
God Bless!

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One thought on “Nicaragua Update / 3-4

  • Victoria Myrick

    So excited to read all the incredible things God is doing through all of you in Nicaragua!!! I cannot wait to hear all the stories and testimonies when you all get back! I am very proud of Tyler as well!! How isersome that God used him in a powerful way!! I pray for you all daily!!