My Favorite Apps for Ministry (July 2014)

With smartphones and tablets quickly gaining ground on laptops and desktops it makes sense that they would be used more and more for productive purposes. For me my tablet and smartphone are what I use the most throughout the day and for those moments I need a bigger screen and keyboard I will pull out my HP Chromebook. My current tablet and smartphone of choice are the Nexus 7 2013 LTE and Nexus 5 respectively. While these are both Android devices the list of apps that I use is available on both Android and iOS. If you see an app you may be interested in I have provided the links for you all as well.

  1. Mailbox
    Mailbox has come a long way since it was first released on iOS. Now owned by Dropbox the incredible Inbox system has become that much more incredible. Right now it only works with iCloud and Gmail accounts so if that’s the only email you use then you should check this out.
    Key Feature for me: My favorite feature and the sole reason I use Mailbox is the ability to snooze emails. I’m a big fan of Inbox 0 (having no emails in your inbox) however if you’re like me you sometimes need those emails left in there to remind you to do something. Mailbox has a great feature that allows you to snooze an email so you can see it as a new email at a designated time. This way when I get an email at 10:00 at night instead of answering it then and taking away time from my wife I can see it as a new email the next morning when I’m in the office.This app helps keep my priorities how they should be.
  2. Google Drive
    Google Drive is my go-to app when it comes to documents, spreadsheets, and notes. With its feel of your favorite M$ Office Program but in your browser/tablet/phone is has proven more than powerful enough time after time for myself.
    Key Feature for me: Sharing and Collaboration. With Google Drive you have the ability to share documents to anybody as an email attachment or an invite to collaborate with them. The collaboration is an incredible feature especially when you need to work on the same document as others. Google Drive gives you the ability to see where other user’s cursors are and what they are typing in real time. It saves every key stroke and is the ultimate tool when it comes to teamwork!This app helps me share documents and information with my team in a way that works best for us all!
  3. LogosLogos Bible Software has been my Biblical studies program for years. While the mobile app is not nearly as complex as the Windows/OS X program is it does the job as well as I need it when I’m on the go, sitting at Starbucks, or simply reading a commentary (I do that for fun occasionally). The app has come a long way since it was first released for Android and iOS and can now do a long range of things from Word Studies to parallel texts with commentary underneath.As a pastor I cannot make it through my sermon prep without opening this app up as I can leave it open on my tablet while I type on my laptop without having to switch windows.
  4. Sunrise CalendarI was first introduced to Sunrise Calendar a few weeks ago. This app has apparently been around since early 2013. I CANNOT make it through the day without a calendar to keep my day in order. But what makes Sunrise Calendar stand out from all other calendar apps?For starters, it is the prettiest Calendar app I’ve ever seen. Yes, I like my calendar to work and look good at the same time. The big reason why this has become my calendar of choice is the social aspect this adds to my calendar. As a pastor I have to connect with so many people throughout the week for various meetings and reasons. Sunrise calendar allows me to easily invite others to my calendar event. If you are running late or something comes up it supplies you with an option to email everybody involved with your calendar event with one message. As an added bonus, it syncs with Facebook Events if you choose to do so. I find a lot of events are now established through Facebook and this makes it a whole lot easier to manage than the notification system on Facebook.
  5. WunderlistLast but not least is Wunderlist. I’ve had my fair share of battles with To-Do style apps but I always find myself going back to Wunderlist. Their support of the app and continual development of it has proven to help me stay focused on my daily and weekly tasks. With the ability to set up reminders and sync it all across all of my devices I have gotten to the point where if I know I want something done on a specific date and time to add it to my Wunderlist. If you are the type of person who needs to become organized or are a naturally organized person like myself and simply want to see it all laid out for you on a list then this is the perfect app for you.


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