Doing Church Different

The other day I caught myself wondering about why and how churches and ministers do the outreaches that we do. Especially as a children’s minister we can find ourselves doing the same outreaches year after year. Some of these outreaches minister to many and God truly impacts their lives while others simply scratch an itch on the community.

It is so easy to find ourselves in a rut of doing an Easter Egg Hunt every year with 500+ children and not one family comes to church the next day. We simply do some outreaches because the community/congregating/pastors expect it of us. If this is the situation we are in why are we not doing something different. Think outside the norm. What are we doing different than the previous year? Chances are the same families have come out year after year without stepping foot in our churches or even praying to God. This breaks my heart. Even if the Egg Hunt is the only outreach we do many lives could be changed but it is so easy for us to become distracted with the entertainment, the eggs, the prizes and more that we lose Jesus in the process.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 – “No matter what you do, work at it with all your might. Remember, you are going to your grave. And there isn’t any work or planning or knowledge or wisdom there.” NIRV

This is my challenge to myself this year and I want to share it with all of you as well. Do Church Different. Jesus did church differently than his Jewish brothers. So then why should we not do church differently? We need to step out of our comfort zone of the same outreaches executed the same way year after year and begin to take chances as the disciples did. We need to do this as well in our weekly services and the ways we carry ourselves throughout our community. The results can be life changing, not for you but for those around you.

What will you do different?

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