Connecting to Kids to God through Their Parents

Reblogged from Original post can be found here.   We all want Sunday mornings to be enough for the kids in our church to connect with God. Unfortunately this is not true. But once we mention teaching kids about Jesus at home, many parents appear confused and lost. With […]

The Stagnant Christian

There’s something deep inside me that wants to scream whenever I am talking to somebody who says to me that they only socialize with Christians and that their only friends are Christians. Some even take it as far as not talking to their family members because they aren’t Christians. The […]

Really Quick

Let me quickly say this, “It is really easy to rush through the important things”. Phew. Glad I got that out. That’s all I have to say…okay. On a serious note I do want to say that as children’s ministers and leaders we can often find ourselves saying something along […]

Moving Forward

The time has come where my four years of training and preparation for ministry at Valley Forge Christian College is about to conclude. I am pleased to say that over these four years I have grown deeply in my relationship with God, my knowledge of theology, and much much more. […]

Doing Church Different

The other day I caught myself wondering about why and how churches and ministers do the outreaches that we do. Especially as a children’s minister we can find ourselves doing the same outreaches year after year. Some of these outreaches minister to many and God truly impacts their lives while […]

Nicaragua Update – 3/7

Today we started off with a school assembly at 7:00AM. The assemblies are completely different here than they are in America where we have meetings in an auditorium. We meet outside in the courtyard of the school. This assembly was for high school students. The teenagers here are similar to […]

Nicaragua Update 3-6

So today was a very interesting day. We began the day by eating breakfast at the hotel which was delicious! Pancakes with fresh fruit and eggs. Afterwards we traveled to an orphanage here.

Nicaragua Update 3-5

Today our team went back to the same village that we visited yesterday. We began our morning having breakfast at a local building they use for occasional discipleship and teaching. Afterwards we walked to the school right down the road and ministered to the children there. This was a great […]