Connecting to Kids to God through Their Parents

Reblogged from kids.healthychurch.com. Original post can be found here.   We all want Sunday mornings to be enough for the kids in our church to connect with God. Unfortunately this is not true. But once we mention teaching kids about Jesus at home, many parents appear confused and lost. With […]

The Rise of Self-Martyrdom

For those who are actively involved on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other top social media sites it is not hard to scroll through the website and find an article somebody shared with their opinion while knowing it is going to start an argument. What can make matters even worse is […]

My Favorite Apps for Ministry (July 2014)

With smartphones and tablets quickly gaining ground on laptops and desktops it makes sense that they would be used more and more for productive purposes. For me my tablet and smartphone are what I use the most throughout the day and for those moments I need a bigger screen and […]

Anything and Everything

Being 21 years old I find myself running into roadblocks and assumptions placed upon me because of my age. It is easy to assume that anybody young and right out of college believes that they know anything and everything there is to know even outside of my field of study […]

Characteristics of a Godly team! 1

As I stated before in my previous post, The 21st Century Volunteer, society is changing along with the way people volunteer and the mindset of the volunteers. However, while these factors may have changed over the years several things did not and will not ever change when it comes to teamwork among […]