Get that plank out of here!

I remember the fun times I have had on the playground with my friends growing up. We would play dodgeball at recess, we would play in the sandbox in the afternoon at my house, we would swing on the swings, well actually we would probably do anything but swing how […]

Learning to Live a Life of Brokenness

I am constantly amazed at how you can have everything in life figured out, at least seemingly figured out, then realize that all you figured out was a lie. Sometimes it can be my fault, other times it can be others fault. Recently, I finished a book titled “The Emotionally […]

Inspired by Love

Many people can say that “love” has inspired them do make one decision or the other. Ultimately, “love” had inspired them to take action. Some of those actions may have been subtle and simple acts; while those actions may have been something that sanity would restrain people from doing, in […]

Time Consumed 3

We each have 86,400 seconds to spend every day. Some days we use that time wisely while other days we don’t. But what we do with that time makes us who we are whether we like it or not. If a majority of that time is spent doing things that […]


In an instant, something can happen in your life that changes everything, whether it is good, bad or bland. But those instances don’t nearly matter as much as our reaction. Moses found this out the hard way. Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff. […]


Everywhere we go people are driving from one place to another with a goal of reaching the end in mind.  Whether it’s going to work, school, shopping or even something else, to get into a car without knowing where you want to end up is pointless. Paul wrote in a […]