Anything and Everything

Being 21 years old I find myself running into roadblocks and assumptions placed upon me because of my age. It is easy to assume that anybody young and right out of college believes that they know anything and everything there is to know even outside of my field of study (Children’s Ministry). While I would love to say that I do know everything I am very well aware that I do not know everything and sometimes I know very little of anything. I’ve read many books, preached many sermons, wiped pee off of seats and floors, Febreezed the smell of warm beer out of a bar for children’s services, set up inflatable water slides, and so much more. Sometimes I look back at my college experience and think of how much of a blessing it was to have all of these experiences before I even have my degree. It’s been a crazy ride and I’ve learned a lot, but I still don’t know everything. In fact, I have a lot more to learn but I can only imagine how much fun it will be in the process.

I’m going to make mistakes. That’s not going to stop me though. I strongly believe that my fellow graduates along with myself have one thing going for us. A new passion and drive to see the lost come to Christ. Many of us not only choose to think out of the box but were born out of the box and were trained out of the box. It comes natural for my generation to want to do things in new ways that have never been done, do things that many say will never work, and sometimes that is all the drive we need. Throw that on top of our love for winning souls for Christ and there’s an unstoppable force of witnesses. With taking new risks and trying things that have never been done there is always going to be the person who says “I told you so” but in my life I have a priority to surround myself with people that will say “Well that’s one way that didn’t work, let’s go find another!”. That is so important to my future ministry! The drive to try new things, then if I fail (which I hope is minimal but not inevitable) it’s important I get back up and try something else. I will never stop trying to find new ways to reach those who have yet to be reached.

“Brothers and sisters, I don’t consider that I have taken hold of it yet. But here is the one thing I do. I forget what is behind me. I push hard toward what is ahead of me.” Phil 3:13

Paul got it right when he said he’s going to push hard towards what is ahead of him. If we dwell on our mistakes instead of learning what we need from them and then doing something different we are doing nothing but setting ourselves up for failure. God has given each of us a vision. Mine is to see families and children come to know Christ and be discipled that it impacts their future generations. This vision will go with me wherever I go and whatever ministry I find myself involved in.

So yes, I’m young, I don’t know everything, but I want to learn as much as I can from anybody that’s willing to teach me something new. Every day I thank God for giving me a drive to see people come to a relationship with Him and I pray for the innovation I need to reach a culture and people that is ever-changing and in what seems to be perpetual motion.

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