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In my Children’s Ministry we break up the group of kids by gender forming two small groups with two leaders in each. One boy got distracted but asked a very important question, not just for him but for all the boys in the group. Before I get to the question here’s some background on these boys and the culture the church is within. Currently I am helping out a church plant in Wilmington, Delaware with their Children’s Ministry. Over the past few weeks I have been learning the culture of Wilmington and discovered a lot of pain from drug abuse, prostitution, and plenty of racism (even among the children). So what was the question asked?

“Is God black?”

While this question caught me off guard it wasn’t a hard question to answer. Yet how I answered this question could forever impact their relationship with God. To some of these kids race plays a significant role in their lives and self-worth (both negative and positive) and to hear that “God is black” would give them a new sense of pride. So I sat them down (some of them were so excited by the question that they jumped up in anticipation) and began with my answer. I explained to them that God is formless yet when he sent His Son, Jesus, to earth he was born in what we now know as the Middle East. Jesus wasn’t black, nor was he white. He definitely had color to him and most-likely resembled the nations that we see on the news from the Middle East: medium-brown skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a decent beard.

This answer lead to the discussion about the importance of Jesus coming to earth as our Savior and redeemer. I won’t go into further details of our conversation but I can tell you all this. Those boys walked away with a new understanding that God isn’t defined by race and doesn’t view us different because of race. For some of these boys this question was a game changer and only God knows how this knowledge of Him can further their relationship with Him.

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